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SIASUN Sunbot-III has not only elegant appearance, but also more intelligent in human-computer interaction area. Sunbot-III is provided with several high-technology functions, for example, Autonomous Navigation, Autonomous Obstacle, Autonomous Charging, and etc. Sunbot-III can be used in all kinds of lobby. In the result of face detect function, Sunbot-III is qualified as the greeting job. Sunbot-III can help with arena presentation, product advertisement propaganda, line up customer.

Intelligence Service Robot is widely used in the following places, such as shopping mall, bank, high-grade restaurant, exhibition center, science museum, enterprise pavilion, service hall and etc.

Product Function

l Autonomous Navigation

Based on the advanced SLAM technology, SIASUN Sunbot-III can sense different environment and create map model by itself. In this method, robot can move autonomously in the assigned path or roam in the map.

l Autonomous Obstacle

SIASUN Sunbot-III can detect the obstacle in advance

during autonomous navigation. Robot can alter the assigned path and make a detour in order to avoid the collision. Robot can move smooth and be more intelligent.

l Autonomous Chagrining

When battery is low, SIASUN Sunbot-III can go back to the charging station autonomously. After charging, robot can continue working till the battery dead. User can adjust the battery charging parameter by the actual situation of usage, in which, the charging time could be more flexible.

l Voice Interaction

SIASUN Sunbot-III can make conversion with people. It can play several roles in daily life, such as, Enterprise Introduction and Propaganda, Greeting Guest, Presentation about the Exhibition Stands, and etc.

l Arm Motion

There are 4 degree of freedom for each joint. Based on the DOF, Robot can wave his hands as human to attract customer and dance with music.

l Face Detect

SIASUN Sunbot-III has a function of Face Detect. When people get close to the robot, Then robot can make different actions by adjusting the distance between people and robot by using the front camera.

l Human-computer Interaction

SIASUN Sunbot-III is equipped with a high performance touch screen. According to the information on the screen, robot can interacts with users. There is amount of interaction in the standard interface, while user can customize particular function based on their demand.

Product Characteristic

1. SIASUN Presentation Robot provides fashion appearance, thus, it can promote enterprise’s brand influence. SIASUN Presentation Robot can be the perfect match to show the high-technology and intelligent of your company.

2. Because of the advanced SLAM algorithm, there is no need to put magnetic strip on the floor. SIASUN Presentation Robot can move and avoid obstacle autonomously without rebuilding the lobby.

3. SIASUN Presentation Robot can works in all kinds of environment and substitute people to the repetition job such as greeting, leading, and explaining job. With SIASUN Presentation Robot, user could provide high quality services as well as decrease labor force.

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