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Covid-19 Prevention

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  • Surgical mask(Not-sterile)

    Surgical mask(Not-sterile)

    Release time:2020/05/26Views:3669

    Suitable for the basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as the protection against the spread of body fluids and splashes during the invasive operation. Advantages SIASU...

  • Plane Mask Production Line

    Plane Mask Production Line

    Release time:2020/05/26Views:1806

    SIASUN’s automatic plane mask production line realizes the fully automated production of plane masks, completing the entire production process from raw materials to finished masks. Introduction SIA...

  • Mask Piece Forming Machine

    Mask Piece Forming Machine

    Release time:2020/05/26Views:1647

    The equipment can realize the fully automated production of disposable flat masks, including production processes such as feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge feeding, mask forming, automatic...

  • KN95 Mask Production Line

    KN95 Mask Production Line

    Release time:2020/05/26Views:1962

    The production line can fully automate from non-woven fabric roll to the final mask KN95 Production line features: The equipment has good compatibility and can be compatible with a variety of masks...