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HSCR5 Hybrid Cobot

Release time:2018/10/06 Collaborative Robot Views:3894

SIASUN Hybrid Cobot is the first intelligent compound cobot in China. It is based on the integrated application of intelligent mobile robots, Collaborative robots and visual identification technologies. It can be quickly deployed in automated manufactory, warehouse sorting and automated goods supermarkets to achieve automatic material handling, automatic loading and unloading, automatic sorting and other functions. The diverse navigation configuration can meet the flexible, high-efficiency and low-cost on-site arrangement in automated manufactory field.


1. Convenient maintenance, high safety and refined industrial design.

2. Hand-held terminal interface, easy diagnosis and maintenance.

3. Diversified navigation configuration: laser navigation, magnetic navigation.

4. Diversified functional device (optional): electric claws, pneumatic grippers, vacuum suction cups and other actuators; hand-eye vision; customized trays.


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