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SCR5 Cobot

Release time:2018/10/09 Collaborative Robot Views:4098

SIASUN Cobot is the first domestic, 7 degree-of-freedom anthropomorphic robot with rapid configuration, traction teaching, visual guidance and collision detection. It is particularly suitable for flexible production lines with compact layout and high precision to conduct precision assembly, product packaging, polishing, testing, machine loading and unloading and other industrial operations. SIASUN Collaborative Robot, with its high flexibility, precision, and safety, will open up a brand new way of industrial production and lead the new era of human-machine collaboration.


1. Has collision detection ability, does not require guard rail

2. Teaching by hand guidance demonstration, easy to program for different tasks

3. Redundant DOF design, for flexible obstacle avoidance

4. Convenient disassembly, quick configuration

5. Lightweight design, energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly

6. Optional visual guidance system


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