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SIASUN 6-axis flexible industrial robot with a safe and streamlined design. The body is lightweight, compact, and the wrist of the hollow structure can effectively use the space dead angle to operate in a narrow area. The robot has high flexibility, safety, high accuracy and other characteristics. It is especially suitable for flexible production line with limited working space, which can meet the requirements of precision assembly, inspection, handling, loading and unloading. to contribute to improving production efficiency.Bran-new graceful style design; Meet harsh TAKT with rapid speed; Networked Control Systems,abundant external interface with high extension capability; Completely open independent control system could support multiple application development; SIASUN Robot Virtual work station support CAD model reconstruction and non-teach job on basis of CAD modeling; Support the information processing of intelligent sensor on vision and force sensation; High cost-effective, spare parts are low cost and high quality; Active and localization of timely customer service, avoid you trouble back at home.

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