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Electric Scissors Dual Lift Assembly AGV

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The AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), developed and manufactured independently by SIASUN, is one of the knockout products of SIASUN which has the unique independent intellectual property rights. SIASUN could design the vehicle according to the customers’ requirement. This kind of AGV consists of AGV body and two sets of electric scissors lift. It has advantages of much heavier load capacity, omnibearing sliding plate elevation automatic unlocking. It can satisfy the requirements of dynamic compliance plate automatic transfer. The lift has dropping protective setting, which can improve the safety and reliability. It mainly used in small car motive power (less than 500Kg) & body’s assembly, and rear suspension (with compression springs) & body’s assembly. The navigation mode takes use of magnetic tape, which could be revised according to customer’s production process variety. The AGV running path is closed route, which is divided into assembly section, side moving section and sub assembly section. In the assembly section, AGV is moving synchronized together with upper conveyor for operator to assemble the dynamic assembly and rear suspension. In the sub assembly section, AGV transports the dynamic assembly and rear suspension with wobble plate. The AGV quantity is calculated by the throughput, assemble time, and AGV performance to meet the production requirement.

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