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Laser Forklift AGV

Release time:2018/10/11 Mobile Robot Views:4582

Forklift AGV is a type of laser navigation AGV which is researched by the different industry requirement. It mainly consists of AGV body and lifting device, etc. It can be used for transportation for empty rack, load rack and goods.

It can either take use reflector to get the feedback signal or can also get the signal without reflector.

AGV forklift is reformed by many famous forklift manufacturers such as Linde\Hyster\Jungheinrich\Heli\Jianghuai and so on with the lifting height from 100mm to 4500mm. The door bracket as well as the AC driver and rotating motor will be remained after reforming. In addition, the original oil valve and hydraulic system are also kept. SIASUN developed high power driving module is used for driving lift to achieve the stable running speed and accurate control.

It takes use of high-capacity fasting charging battery, and the battery maintenance could be operated by pressing one key.

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