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Stacker Crane

Release time:2018/10/11 Intelligent Logistics Views:3397

SIASUN brand stacker crane series product adopts the world leading servo drive, control unit, and absolute address system in order to achieve complete close control. With the technology of high precision addressing technology by  using barcode or laser measurement, SIASUN stacker crane can operate with high accuracy.

SIASUN provide a serial of Stacker crane product suitable for various industries:

  • Heavy load stacker crane, payment up to 8000 kgs per cell. Suitable for heavy industries.
  • High speed stacker crane, movement speed up to 300 meters per minute, suitable for underload, high speed operation environment.
  • Multi-level stacker crane, suitable for logistic productivity prioritized manufactures.
  • Turn/Turnout stacker crane, suitable for logistic productivity less concerned manufactures.
  • Clip in stacker crane
  • Customizable Stacker crane, SIASUN can custom design the non-standard stacker crane product according to the unique requirement for different clients.
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