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KN95 Mask Production Line

Release time:2020/05/26 Covid-19 Prevention Views:1962

The production line can fully automate from non-woven fabric roll to the final mask

KN95 Production line features:

  1. The equipment has good compatibility and can be compatible with a variety of masks.
  2. The intelligent control of tension can better ensure that the raw material feeding is more balanced.
  3. Intelligent control of equipment, real-time monitoring of various performance indicators of the production line, good stability.
  4. The equipment of each unit moves in concert, and the production is continuous.
  5. Intelligent detection, fault warning prompt, easy operation and maintenance.
  6. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful, strong and durable.


With CE Certificate, SIASUN’s KN95 automatic mask machine has been successfully exported to Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Cameroon and other countries in batches.


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