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  • Collaborative Robot

    Collaborative Robot

    Release time:2016/03/09Views:130

    Collaborative robot are particularly suitable for flexible production lines with compact layout and high precision to conduct precision assembly, product packaging, polishing, testing, machine load...

  • Industrial Robot

    Industrial Robot

    Release time:2016/03/09Views:161

    SIASUN Industrial robot includes over 30 different models, which payloads ranging from 3 kg to 500 kg. The major applications includes arc welding, spot welding, painting, assembling, polishing and...

  • Mobile Robot

    Mobile Robot

    Release time:2016/03/09Views:494

    SIASUN AGV products have been sold globally to many world famous manufactures such as GM, FORD, BMW, Nissan, SanDisk, AGCO, etc. SIASUN’s product  adopts various navigation technologies such as ele...

  • Intelligent Logistics

    Intelligent Logistics

    Release time:2016/03/09Views:112

    SIASUN’s intelligent logistic products include automated vertical warehouse, intelligent logistic conveyor & sorting system, high speed conveyor system, etc. As the only Chinese company which h...