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  • GCR5-910 Collaborative Robot

    GCR5-910 Collaborative Robot

    Release time:2019/10/17Views:5436

    GCR5-910, a cost-effective and versatile collaborative robot, with significant advantages such as light-weight, rapid-deployment, easy-to-use, safe and energy-saving, is the perfect choice to achie...

  • TCR Table-top Collaborative Robot

    TCR Table-top Collaborative Robot

    Release time:2019/01/07Views:4340

    TCR Table-top collaborative robot has the features of light weight, payload 0.5~1kg, reach 300~500mm and is particularly suitable for table-top tasks. Brief Introduction: TCR Table-top collaborativ...

  • Transfer AGV

    Transfer AGV

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:7600

    The material transportation in workshop has always been the crucial issue focused by many manufacturers. Then how to realize the material tracking, workflow standardizing and flexible in modern cor...

  • Laser Forklift AGV

    Laser Forklift AGV

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:5676

    Forklift AGV is a type of laser navigation AGV which is researched by the different industry requirement. It mainly consists of AGV body and lifting device, etc. It can be used for transportation f...

  • Assembly AGV

    Assembly AGV

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:6875

    The assembly AGVs in GM plants is used for assembling the dynamic power, rear suspension and tank to the car body. It is divided into single lift assembly AGV and dual lift assembly AGV. AGVs has t...

  • Electric Scissors Dual Lift Assembly AGV

    Electric Scissors Dual Lift Assembly AGV

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:5284

    The AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), developed and manufactured independently by SIASUN, is one of the knockout products of SIASUN which has the unique independent intellectual property rights. SIAS...

  • Storage rack

    Storage rack

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:3514

    As the foundation of the AS/RS system, the storage rack plays a very important role in the whole logistic flow. The accuracy, stability and durability are all crucial for a reliable AS/RS system. S...

  • Conveying system

    Conveying system

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:5381

    Conveying Equipment Automatic Logistics Warehouse System realizes the automatic transportation of stored unit through conveying system which is able to transport the goods in straight line, curved ...

  • Stacker Crane

    Stacker Crane

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:4296

    SIASUN brand stacker crane series product adopts the world leading servo drive, control unit, and absolute address system in order to achieve complete close control. With the technology of high pre...

  • Logistic system integration

    Logistic system integration

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:3879

    SIASUN Logistics Automation System is consisted of logistics storage system and automated guided vehicle system. Logistics storage system includes automatic warehouse, material automatic transporta...

  • Warehouse management

    Warehouse management

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:2993

    SIASUN Warehouse Management Dispatching Platform is the center of information processing and the core of warehouse dispatching. Structured on the advanced industrial control network and operated un...

  • Electrical Control System

    Electrical Control System

    Release time:2018/10/11Views:2650

    Electrical Control System, as the executive control core of  automatic warehouse system equipment, connects with the dispatching computer of warehouse system to receive the command of material conv...