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SIASUN Sunbot-I has not only elegant appearance, but also more intelligent in human-computer interaction area. Sunbot-I is provided with several high-technology functions, for example, Autonomous Navigation, Autonomous Obstacle, Autonomous Charging, and etc. With SIASUN Sunbot-I, user could provide high quality services as well as decrease labor force.

Product Function

l  Autonomous Navigation

Based on the advanced SLAM technology, SIASUN Sunbot-I can sense different environment and create map model by itself. In this method, robot can move autonomously in the assigned path or roam in the map.

l  Autonomous Obstacle

SIASUN Sunbot-I can detect the obstacle in advance during autonomous navigation. Robot can alter the assigned path and make a detour in order to avoid the collision. Robot can move smooth and be more intelligent.

l  Autonomous Charging

When battery is low, SIASUN Sunbot-I can go back to the charging station autonomously. After charging, robot can continue working till the battery dead. User can adjust the battery charging parameter by the actual situation of usage, in which, the charging time could be more flexible.

l  Voice Interaction

SIASUN Sunbot-I can make conversion with people. It can play several roles in daily life, such as, Enterprise Introduction and Propaganda, Greeting Guest, Presentation about the Exhibition Stands, and etc.

l  Restaurant

Robot can execute the food pick up and deliver function based on how user setup. When Robot gets close to the guest table, it can remind customer to pick up food by voice. After the deliver, robot can go back the station.

Product Characteristic

1.       SIASUN Sunbot-I is designed with fashion, appearance. With this feature, Robot can attract more customer.

2.       Because of the advanced SLAM algorithm, there is no need to put magnetic strip on the floor. SIASUN Presentation Robot can move and avoid obstacle autonomously without rebuilding the lobby.

3.       SIASUN Sunbot-I can adjust the deliver path as the restaurant environment changes.

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