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High Load Vacuum Robot

Release time:2018/10/08 Industrial Robot Views:2243

Ferro-fluidic sealing, can be customized 1-3 different products

Loads meet 1-20Kg (including finger)

Customer tailored for the length of the arm and finger designaccording to cavity

Meet the 10-6Pa vacuum requirements, Heat-resistant

With collision protection and AWC function

SIASUN clean room automation products have now become serializedsingle items through several years’ technology deposition, focus on the construction of modular unit and equipment platform, take sets and scale for the development targets. Robotic applications mainly cover the fields of IC equipment, FPD, PV, electronic, and etc. SIASUN could provide complete technology solution and turnkey project for customer, holds the independent intellectual property rights and core technology completely. Leading the domestic technical level, SIASUN clean room robotic technical level has reached the advanced international level.

Presently, the users of clean room products have throughout more than 10 provinces and Taiwan. The industrial applications are throughout ETCH, MOCVD, MEMS, CMP and etc., and meet the semiconductor processes requirements such as PVD, CVD, TRACK, PHOTO, IMP. Meantime, robotic performance continues toraise, robotic high temperature and corrosion resistant process continue to improve. Much more flexibility andhigher performance with customized design could meet the customers’maximize needs.

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