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Intelligent logistic system

Release time:2018/10/11 Automobile Views:2636

1.Green Tire auto storage and transportation project for one of the international tire manufacturing company

As for this project, SIASUN independently design and develop flexible EMS, ASRS and conveyor system, which realizes the automatic storage and retrieval and transportation. Through the barcode recognition system as well as the WMS, green tires are distinguished and data is collected to achieve distinguish of goods and information tracing through the overall process after spraying post before curing. Smart logistic system is interfacing with the manufacturing execution system, which is the typical application in smart production logistics substantially improving the production efficiency of workshop and achieving the flexible production.

2.ASRS for Mould auto storage project

ASRS, possessing the function of automatic storage and retrieval of tire moulds, substantially increases the efficiency of changing moulds.

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